A trustworthy bamboo tissue paper manufacturer under China Sinopec group.

Yashi paper has largest production capacity and we are also the biggest bamboo tissue paper manufacturer with has complete specifications and varieties in China. which is located in the beautiful Sichuan province of China.

With 52 fully automatic production lines for various types of household paper, and over 300 skilled professionals, which can produce more than 30 categories paper products like toilet paper,  facial tissue, kitchen towel, paper napkin, jumbo roll, hand towel, pocket tissue, it has complete  specifications and varieties of the bamboo paper products, we keep introducing advanced equipment to meet market demand.

Why use bamboo? Because bamboo grows more than 90 cm per day, absorbs and filters carbon dioxide, making it one of the most sustainable raw materials in the world. Compared to traditional toilet paper made from wood trees and cellulose fibres, bamboo offers a significantly more  environmentally friendly alternative.

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